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How to Choose Comfortable Pantyhose

How to Choose Comfortable Pantyhose

Pantyhose are timeless legwear that have become must-haves in every woman’s wardrobe. Also known as tights, pantyhose fit snugly around the legs and cover the woman’s body from the waist to the feet. They come in many shades, thicknesses and patterns, although staples are sheer skin hoses and black opaque tights. Finding pantyhose is easy, but the challenge, is to find comfortable pantyhose that are perfect for your body shape.

Composition of comfortable pantyhose

Pantyhose are often made of nylon or another material blended with nylon such as Lycra. The top of the waist is made of strong elastic to keep the hose from rolling down and bunching underneath clothing. Ideally, the elastic must sit comfortably just above the waist to allow circulation and ease of breathing. The panty area which covers the hips and buttocks is made of a thicker material than the part covering the legs. The dense material can tuck in the hips, giving the body a slimmer silhouette.

The gusset or crotch of pantyhose is also made of strong material, ideally in porous cotton which promotes ventilation. The legs of pantyhose can be sheer or opaque, depending on the denier number of the material. Sheerness of pantyhose material is expressed in “denier” which refers to the density of the material. As a rule of thumb, the higher the denier, the thicker the material and the more coverage it provides. Sheer stockings can be of 15-denier, semi-opaque tights may be marked as 30-denier while 100-denier opaque tights provide full coverage.

Benefits of 100-denier pantyhose

Shapely legs: Pantyhose in 100-denier material provide more control than sheer tights with lower denier numbers. Legs feel firmer and the dark opaque colour adds to the slimming effect. Women can instantly get slimmer-looking legs by wearing black opaque pantyhose.

Coverage: Opaque tights provide the perfect cover for bruises, cellulite, unsightly veins, scars, hair and other skin imperfections.

Leg support: Higher denier pantyhose provide better support than sheer types, making legs feel better no matter how long one wears them. 

Improved confidence: Skirt hemlines rise and fall according to fashion trends but shorter lengths have remained through the years due to their youthful appeal. Women need not worry about how their legs may look with shorter skirts; all they need are a pair of black opaque pantyhose for an instant wardrobe update.

Fashionable appearance: Black opaque tights are timeless pieces that can be worn with a skirt or pants. When worn with black skirts, they create the illusion of a longer and slimmer body. Not enough time to change out of a daytime outfit? Putting on a pair of black pantyhose can transform sleek office attire to a nighttime suit. Black tights also provide contrast for bright coloured outfits worn at night, making skirts and dresses pop out.

Leg warmth: The dense material of 100-denier pantyhose can provide warmth and comfort when the temperature dips. Thus, they are wardrobe staples in many fall and winter fashion collections.

How to put on pantyhose

Pantyhose are made of longer material than garter tops and stockings. There’s an easy way of putting them on without causing rips, tears and twisted hoses. Here’s how:

  1. Roll each leg of pantyhose from the garter opening all the way to the feet. 

  2. Insert one foot into each hose, making sure that toes are aligned with the seams. Gently roll up each hose one leg at a time all the way up to the knees.

  3. Ensure each lower leg has a smooth fit before rolling each one up all the way to the thighs.

  4. Upon reaching the upper thigh, use both hands to pull up the garter top all the way to the upper waist while standing straight.

  5. Smooth any bunches in the hip and waist area for a snug yet comfortable fit.

Applying body lotion on both legs can also make putting on pantyhose a smooth experience.

Pantyhose tips

While skin-toned pantyhose work well during the daytime, particularly in summer, black opaque pantyhose provide quick solutions for nighttime looks, and in cooler months. Choose pantyhose which are high waisted, to prevent the dreaded “muffin top”— the unsightly roll of flesh which tends to form above a tight waistband. Ensure that the top of the waistband stays in place to avoid the uncomfortable feeling of slipping pantyhose underneath clothes.

There are many choices in pantyhose available, in various textures, colours, lengths and denier numbers. However, when buying black opaque tights, always look for 100-denier material for a comfortable pantyhose fit, like those that carry the Fab Fit Pantyhose name.


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